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Front seat wear and tear

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I'm new to the forum and have just purchased my first ISF. I traded my RS4 in for it , which I loved but had too many issues.
My question is...the front seats look sort of worn and out of shape after you sit in them...I'm 200# only and my wife is a lot less....kind of looks bubbled were your butt has been...RS4 20K on the clock, leather was in perfect condition and flat as a pancake...any one find the same?

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Welcome! Yeah, the leather will stretch a bit especially on the lower cushion and backrest. The best thing to do is use a good leather conditioner and cleaner to help prevent creasing. I like to use Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Cleaner/Conditioner Spray as well as Meguiar's Gold Class interior cleaner spray to maintain the finish. It keeps the leather nice and soft and keeps it from having the shiny oily appearance some other cleaners leave behind.
I'm curious how often people recommend treating the leather. I was slack with my last car and the leather definitely ended up wearing poorly.

I'm hoping to try and treat my seats once a month. Does that sound reasonable?


08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Once a month is good. I've been AR with this car, doing once ever 2-3 weeks.
Yeah the leather is soft and I think much more comfortable than the German counterparts. Mine has a butt mark, but its my butt mark ;) I think the perf leather tend to stretch more anyway, but it should not tear.
im guessing 200# means 200 lbs?
Yes, "#" is the pound sign. Also the number sign. ;)
Yes, "#" is the pound sign. Also the number sign. ;)
yeah i was like 200 "number" lol, didnt think of pound sign hahah, thanks
Well im super skinny (135pounds) and i've seen that exact mark that every one is talking about. Personally i would've perfered the leather to be a bit more stiff like in my previous car (BMW). My lease is 48 months and i am definetly worried about how it will look in 36 months. Does treating the leather really make a difference?
Yes it does. Lexus leather is comfy but definitely soft. Keep it conditioned and you will prevent a lot of surface creasing.
Does the conditioning do anything to keep the leather less loose?
Even my IS350 seat after 3 years seemed more elastic?
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