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Front Rotors DIY or Advice?

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Hi all,
I'm a little over 17,000 miles and dealer says I need new front brake pads and rotors that will cost roughly $1300. I am planning to DIY this project and brake pads seems straight forward. My problem is rotors...some say cross drilled cannot be resurfaced. Is there a DIY for rotors? What sites can I find cheap replacement rotors or OEM replacements? Thanks in advance. O and 1 more thing...what brake pads is every1 leaning more to? EBC, Hawk, etc.
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Hi Guys,
here is a link to OE IS-F rotor information that I posted earlier. There maybe be cheaper rotors out there to purchase but just remember you didn't compromise on the car you bought. Why sacrifice the performance of your brake rotors?

A few members have taken advantage for those who needed rotors.
Thanks for looking..
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