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Front Rotors DIY or Advice?

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Hi all,
I'm a little over 17,000 miles and dealer says I need new front brake pads and rotors that will cost roughly $1300. I am planning to DIY this project and brake pads seems straight forward. My problem is rotors...some say cross drilled cannot be resurfaced. Is there a DIY for rotors? What sites can I find cheap replacement rotors or OEM replacements? Thanks in advance. O and 1 more thing...what brake pads is every1 leaning more to? EBC, Hawk, etc.
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fchampion can get front rotors for I believe 238 each which are oem rotors and that is about 100 cheaper then my dealer
I think a lot of the dealer's service people have no idea how evaluate drilled rotors. My car has over 42,000 miles on the original rotors. At about 25,000 miles I replaced my front pads with Frodo (sp?) pads. I have run the car in three track days as well as normal driving.

The rotors look like a tree with growth rings, but they do not have cracks, etc. I think that the service reps look at the rotors when they have the rings (related to the location of the drilled holes) and think that they are badly scored. They aren't.

Yea I just got my ISF back from 15,000 maintenance and I took a look at my front rotors and it didn't even have rings or cracks at all. So i'll skip on changing my rotors. Anyway, I figure i start doing DIY to start saving money and get to know my ISF more. What are some good DIY threads or sites? And it you guys can recommend front brake pads, which are good for the price? Thanks in advance!
Phlabrasca had his original rotors resurfaced at 22k. I got my Hawk ceramics from FChampO and won my EBC yellow pads from Discouttiredirect. I don't know which one to use first when it's time to change pads. As far as cheap replacement front rotors are concerned, a memeber of this forum (forgot who) recommended to check They have the cheapest I've seen so far. If you want OEM rotors at a cheap price, I suggest you find a Toyota or Lexus employee to buy them for you.
Hi Guys,
here is a link to OE IS-F rotor information that I posted earlier. There maybe be cheaper rotors out there to purchase but just remember you didn't compromise on the car you bought. Why sacrifice the performance of your brake rotors?

A few members have taken advantage for those who needed rotors.
Thanks for looking..
If you search online, there's an online Lexus parts dealer located in FL that sells the ISF front rotors for $198 each. And shipping to CA is around $15 for each rotor. Cheapest I found anywhere for Genuine OEM rotors.
The employee discount is a bit cheaper than that price, but that's not bad at all.
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