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Hello, do you guys have any ideas on a good mounting place for the front plate? there are 2 hole marks but they dont line up for a license plate, i like it with the plate off, but eventually i will probably get a ticket, any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :D
I think in California, if you got your car new, the dealer should have either installed the bracket on your front bumper or given you the bracket and had you sign a piece of paper acknowledging that you turned down having it put on the car. If you decide to go with the bracket, I would certainly go to the dealer and ask for one for free. Granted, it won't be the fancy retractable kind.

I own a 08 IS F and also live in So Cal, but never had issues with law enforcement regarding front plates. I wouldn't want to put them on ever.
Over the years, I've found that your chances of getting a ticket for this have a lot to do with the specific town where you live or spend most of your time driving. Places that rely heavily on red light or speeding cameras tend to enforce the front plate law more strictly because they need that picture of the front of the car showing the plate and the driver.
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