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Front Licence Plate Suggestions

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I picked up an IS-F that was initially from California which I assume front licence plates are required by law. Where I am from it is not required and hoped to remove the licence plate mount but I am left with two glaring drill holes. I can only guess the cost on fixing up the holes :eek:

I am hoping to find a small front licence plate that just covers the front licence plate mount. The size would be half that of a normal licence plate.
I am trying to avoid putting a normal sized custom plate...Any suggestions?
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You could try bumper plugs which will match the color of your car. Here's the addy for more information.

This is exactly what I was hoping to find! I really didn't want to go with a licence plate but didn't know these items existed...thanks. I've already ordered them and will let everyone know how they look.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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