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From VW Jetta TDI to ISF

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Have 130,000 miles on my Jetta and its time, as was originally intended, to pass it onto my daughter for her first car. Still runs great, with terrific (40MPG Avg) fuel economy. Picked my F last Friday, and so far, well, it's certainly not a Jetta.
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Good to have you aboard!
Just try and take it easy for at least the first 600 miles. That's what the book says. It's hard to not goose this car once and awhile. I am hooked on the ISF, hope you are too.

That's quite a dramatic change in automobile! Enjoy.
Congrats on the IS-F !!! Very nice of you to pass along a car to your daughter.
I'm sure she thinking that you should've passed the "F" to her and kept your VW..LOL. Congratulations on the ride, forget 40 went from Mo-ped to Ferrari..
Actually, shes very happy to be getting the Jetta. She understand the price of gas these days and has been working this summer to save up some cash for her to blow through the school year.

Did I read 600 miles? I haven't even read the book yet. The dealer told me to hold off until the 1,000 mile service.
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