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from audi rs4 to lexus IS-F

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just wanted to introduce my self. just picked up last week an ultrasonic Blue IS-F here in New Jersey. i previously had an Imola yellow 2007 audi rs4 . I have to tell you. love my is-f more than the audi. the look of the is-f inside an out. the rs4 was a good performer but its interior looked like it was stuck in 1987. needs a big makeover. I love this -Is-f .waiting to be availalable is an aftermarket exhaust. Anyone going to change the exhuast on their cars. just wondering your thoughts on this.

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Welcome to the site I'm glad to hear your enjoying your new "F" !!!
I'd wait on the exhaust system to someone comes out with a new set of headers for it. They seem to be where the horsepower is being held back the most....

Just my 2 cents
Congratulations, if you look at the post that says "IS-F Exhaust from Borla" I believe, you'll find some info. I know there's a post on the exhaust I think it just got old and fell off the "active post list."
Thanks Andy for the info. thanks for the first greeting on the site
Headers huh? I keep telling myself I'm not going to mod this car but if parts and potential is will be tempting!!!
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