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yeah, thats unlikely to have more than 10 IS-F, these cars arent going to get you any cheaper, unless they have 09's and they just really want to get rid of the 08's otherwise they wouldnt lower the car price, because its like a brand new type of model, so don't get to excited...cause the 09's are exactly the same as the 08's just a couple of interior modifications and thats it, so there is no reason to sell them cheaper just cause its the new year when they look exactly the same....and i really doubt that the dealership has over 10, honestly, because if it was a good dealership it wouldn't be holding a lot in inventory they would be selling fast, and if it was a bad dealership they wouldn't be getting that many in, the dealership around me is amazing at selling and what not and they have 2 in stock right
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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