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Name: Gabe Potter
Location: Saco, Me
Phone # 207-229-8666
Email [email protected]

Hey guys hows it going. First off, I have vouchers over on clublexus from one the moderators. Just signed up here recently after getting this blower setup. I don't own and IS-F, but do have a 1st Gen GS300 with a 2jz-gte Aristo engine swap .

I figured i would post these parts here , as i just saw the youtube video of the Greddy Supercharged IS-F running what appears to be a slightly modified version of this same 3uz-fe kit i have for sale.

I have for sale one of a few known in the U.S. ,Greddy 3UZ-FE Supercharger Manifolds, manufactured in Japan for the 4.3 3UZ-FE V8. I also have a new Magnuson MP90 Supercharger that fits the Greddy manifold.

I do not have ANY of the other installation hardware (not even sure what else comes with the kit originally), just the prototype manifolds and the supercharger. Unfortunately i do not have an IS-F to test fit this kit on, but i would suggest contacting Design Craft the company that helped 0-60 MAG supercharge their IS-F using what appears to me to be a modified version of this exact kit. They would be able to provide info on what they had to do to make this kit fit the IS-F.

Greddy's website lists a complete 3UZ S/C kit for $7000, which includes an emanage and other hardware. I obviously do not have the whole kit, but i do have the major pieces, so i am basing my pricing off of that and obviously the rarity of the pieces. Im asking $4000 OBO + shipping for the New 2 piece Greddy manifold set, as well as the New Magnuson MP90 4th Gen Supercharger.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to call or email me.

Ok now onto the pics, also a small video clip i took of the parts i have for sale.

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