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For anyone who's rear view mirror vibrates when your sunroof is open:

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There is a TSIB fix:

Updated part numbers per TSB L-SB-0072-09

87810-0W230 MIRROR

87818-33010 MIRROR COVER

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So is this different then called "recall"....something the dealer won't mail or email you about? I gotta go get mine done too!
Fabulexus- that is correct, it is not a "recall"- it is a technical service bulletin.
Basically, if the consumer complains about it, then the dealer does the service/replacement. If the consumer doesn't mention it or care, then life goes on.
ah, thanx it's good to know:)
wow you gotta be kidding me....i had my dealer replace the mirror but it doesn't look like the one in this thread...forgot how the old one look but i think its the same one....the freaking mirror vibrate even more wft:mad:
Oh boy, thats no good fabulexus. On your paperwork, it should show the tsib numbers which indicate the parts they ordered. If they are not on the paperwork or do not match what was given here, then they did not order the correct parts. The one tsib number is for the new mirror which is different than the ones our cars came with.

Well, the thing was that my paperwork is being mailed to me so i can tell from numbers yet. Again, i called and make appoint to bring it in this thursday.
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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