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For all of you gear heads...

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Here are the gear ratios for the IS-F:

1st gear- 4.5:1
2nd gear- 2.7:1
3rd gear- 1.8:1
4th gear- 1.4:1
5th gear- 1.2:1
6th gear- 1:1
7th gear- 0.8:1
8th gear- 0.6:1

The torque converter is also locked if you are driving in the "M" mode to give instant and precise shifts, in gears 2-8.:cool:
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To figure the engine torque

Multiply the torque by the gear ratio. The IS-F produces a maximum of 371ft/lbs, so in first gear multiply 371 x 4.5 = 1669.5 ft/lbs!:eek:
I believe the F goes to direct shift from gears 3-8, not 2-8

The IS-F locks the torque coverter in manual mode for gears 2-8.
checked F champ journal- locks 2-8
thanks brandonst878
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