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Well, I love my is-F but I want to Kill my service department.

I had the 1k maintenance done and the Fn tech did not torque down my wheels and whoa 414 hp and 380 toque knocked all the nuts off my right rear tire except the darn lock nut.. Luckily I did no damage, But im am Livid

fyi sterling Mcall lexus in houston.

WOAh what a scare

Anyone else have this happen to them!!:mad:
Sorry for you bad experience, but yes I've heard of this and it scares the hell out of me............... much so that I go home from such services and retorque the lugnuts to be sure the job was done properly.
More often than not, the nuts are too tight with disastrous consequences, and ocassionally, as you found out, too loose with even worse consequences.....:mad:

You shouldn't have to, but believe me, it's worth having a torque wrench on hand these days.....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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