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Flipside909's LFA Video

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Here is the first of a few video clips I took at the LFA Press Event last week in Miami. I will be posting the remainder of the clips soon including my full review of the LFA as well as additional photos.


Press Preview of the Lexus LFA 4.8L V10. Behind the wheel is Hirose "The Nur-Meister" Naruse, the #1 Master Toyota Test Driver piloting the LFA around Homestead-Miami Raceway's full road course. Listen to the V10 scream!
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Awesome Ryan, I can always count on you to provide us with the "HOT" exclusives. Thanks for sharing this great video. It might be as close as some of us ever get!
Wow!!! That V10 sounds Awesome!!!
I have a few more videos to put up. I am editing them and should have them ready soon. I forgot to bring a rig to keep the camera still...image stabilization only does so much.
Flip were you riding with him? If so just how fast is the LFA?
Of course I was. I filed it. ;)

The LFA is fast! Faster than our ISF's that's for sure.
I would hope it is for the price. So did it blow you away?
Awesome Ryan, Thanks for the vid.
It looks like it must have a really tight steering radius as his gloves never move at all. I suppose its the same on sweepers with the F, but just something that I have been thinking about lately...tighter steering.

I am officially green with envy.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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