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Fitment - 19X9 & 19X10.5

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I took delivery of some Work T1S with the following specs:

Front: 19X9 +40 (R Disc) on PS2s 245/35/19
Rears: 19X10.5 +53 (A Disc)on PS2s 285/30/19

I have to test fit them still but anyone think the rears will rub?
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I am running RCF wheels on my ISF. 19X9 and 19X10. Offsets are +50 in the front and +41 in the rear. I'm running Bridgestone S-04s - 255/35/19 and 295/30/19. I had to roll my rear fenders, but still have a minor rub over large bumps. You may have issues in front with the more aggressive offset, but try it and see what happens. Your rear offsets are more conservative than mine, Unless you have interference from the inside of the rim and fender (which I doubt), you'll be fine. If it were me, I run a size larger front and rear to keep the OD @ 26", the same as the stock ISF tires.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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