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It's up to you if you want to fight it. I can only talk intelligently about WA St law, so here we go. It is not the driver’s right to look at the radar gun or anything on it. The officer does not have to let the driver out of the car at all since it can become a safety hazard for both of them, and the cop is liable for the driver if he lets him out of the car and he gets hit by a passing car. The easiest thing to do is pay it, but that really sucks and can hurt your insurance. Instead of fighting it, which would come down to your word against his, get a lawyer that specializes in this sort of thing and get it changed to something else. I know a guy that had a $280 speeding ticket changed to expired tabs and still had to pay the $280 (the court clerk said she didn't care what it was called, they just want the money). Now this didn't hit his insurance because it was changed from a moving violation.

It is going to suck no matter what you do cause they get their money.

If you pay it keep in mind you'll get points on your record. Also anything over 85 is criminal speeding even if the speed limit is 75.
I think it depends on the state. WA you can go 100 over and it isn't criminal. It becomes criminal if the cop writes you a ticket specifically stating that type of infraction (i.e. negligent driving, reckless driving, etc).
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