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First ticket with Isf should I fight it?

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So the other day i have my cruise set to 80. When out of no where a trooper gets behind me and cuts his lights on. I pull over and the young punk tells me I was doing 90. I say not possible as I hand him my insurance. Im not worried as I was thinking I would get a warning cause i was not doing 90. He comes back, but with a ticket. I say I couldnt have been doing 90 I had my cruise set. He just shrugs his shoulders and tells me he hears that all the time. I then ask to see his radar gun. He looks at me crazy and says the speed isnt on it. I said then how do u have me at 90. He tells me he cut the gun on and estimated my speed. WTF!

Now I could have swarn i had the right to see the gun to check calibration dates and see my time. I was caught in fort myers which is about 2 hours from me. Should I go to court or just pay the 275 and say fuggit.
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If you pay it keep in mind you'll get points on your record. Also anything over 85 is criminal speeding even if the speed limit is 75.
I think it depends on the state. WA you can go 100 over and it isn't criminal. It becomes criminal if the cop writes you a ticket specifically stating that type of infraction (i.e. negligent driving, reckless driving, etc).
RCW 46.61.465 defines reckless driving as The unlawful operation of a vehicle in excess of the maximum lawful speeds provided in this chapter at the point of operation and under the circumstances described shall be prima facie evidence of the operation of a motor vehicle in a reckless manner by the operator thereof.

so technically even 1mph over can net you a reckless charge in Washington. :eek:

In Arizona its more clearly defined at 20+ or over 85. I had a criminal ticket in which the officer marked civil. I asked for traffic school since it was a "civil" offense however the judge said that the officers call doesn't supersede state law and thus it was still a criminal offense and I was ineligible for traffic school. I ended up pleading not guilty got a new court date and that judge let me go to traffic school :)
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