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First post. Just sold my M3 and bought a IS-F

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Love my new IS-F . The M3 was too expensive to keep on the street. I think the Japanese have the upper hand when it comes to engineering. Ive been looking for ways to mod the IS-F but I really have not come across many. The lighted door sills and the F sport shift nob are all I've done so far. I need to get a XM module for the stereo and I want to get the wallet credit card key fob as I hate having the big fob in my pocket all the time. I wish there was a portable 3rd seat for the back. Didn't realize it only sits 4 till after I bought it, not that it would have changed my decision. Peace
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Hello. I was looking at m3s b4 deciding on the ISF. Really wanted a sedan and the m3 looks best in cpe form to me. I was also looking at cts v, nice and torque monster but styling and size/weight discouraged me. Take care
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