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First Louisiana Member??

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Hey Guys

Looking at the IS-F owner map, seems as if I'm the only IS-F owner on the forum from Louisiana (West Monroe). I'm 18 (yes, and I've gotten tons of sh!t for it haha) with a 09 Black on White. Just had her washed and waxed so I decided to take some pics with my new subs. Put in two alpine type r 10's with a 1000 watt alpine pdx. The car sounds absolutely amazing! The box did not take up as much room as I thought it would so I am extremely satisfied. I had a IS-350 so the F was next. Absolutely love these cars.
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Hey welcome in! I think you might be the first owner on the forum from Louisiana. Black is a great color, I agree. That is a nice install on the sub's.
Looking forward to any info you can share.
Welcome and congrats on your new F!

It looks really sharp with the black exterior and white and black interior. Very nice! The sub install is very clean and I bet it does sound good.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Thanks guys!

When I saw the black on black and white, I knew that was it. I'm only 18 with no kids so keeping it clean is NO problem ;)

The shop did an amazing job on the install. Dropped it off at around 9 in the morning and had it back around 6. The car has the ML audio but the sub was just way to weak for me. To maximize the amount of sound coming from the subs, they took out the back subwoofer to provide a port for the sound to enter. So now, instead of just hearing my trunk rattle, I feel the subs beating the backs of my seats. I was really worried about added weight to the car but it is so insignificant. Theres no noticable difference in the way the car sits in the back and I really can't tell when I'm driving. And as for the spare, that isn't a problem either. I have enough room left over for me to be able to slid the tire out and get to all the other equipment that's underneath.
Welcome to the site and congrats on your F! :cool: I'm sure your going to enjoy it! Any other mods planned yet?
Thanks Mike...the next thing this car gets is a 20% tint all the way around and then maybe smoked headlights and taillights. In a year or so, I'm planning on adding an exhaust and maybe a few other tweaks to the engine
Welcome Snake! Aren't you glad you're one of a kind in your neighborhood?!
Congrats. You are very fortunate to have one at such a young age!
Haha yeah I am very fortunate :)....and its an awesome feeling to know that I'm the only one in the area with one...its such a sleeper car because no one around here knows what an is-f is (all cobras, camaros, and the new challengers get respect around here) plus it being black helps me keep a low profile from unwanted attention lol
Nice car, and welcome to the site !!!! What did the shop use to integrate the Alpine's to the Mark Levinson stereo?
you know to be honest i didnt going back to get the grills taken off and having simply rubber trim around the subs so when i do ill be sure to ask
If you dont mind me asking what did that install cost you? It looks really nice

The subs and amp I already had. They were in my 08 Tundra Crewmax and fight nicely. So basically all I had to pay for was the box, wiring, bass knob, and labor. In all it ran to total about 650. A little expensive but for the finished product and amout of time and labor put in, I was fine with the price.

If you want to buy subs/amp I suggest getting them online...much much cheaper.
Sorry you aren't the first from Louisiana... Second place is still ok;)
lol I humbly say that La snake was first by a few post!! But I want a MODs re count!! LOL
haha gotcha bud...what part are you from?
NOLA is beautiful...ill be going to LSU in the fall so I'll be down there a lot...we should see if there are any more owners down there that might be down for a meet awesome to see IS-F's rolling down Canal or Bourbon
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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