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First IS-F arriving in Raleigh next week

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I just got a phone call from my dealership in Raleigh. The 1st IS-F they will be getting comes in next week and is silver. I'm first on the list and have dibs on it, but i was really hoping for a black or blue. I'll see how it goes...I also have a deposit down at JM Lexus near Fort Lauderdale. I figured since they're the "largest Lexus dealer in the world" that I'd have a better chance getting my color combo from them. I'm gonna take a look at the silver but try to wait on black or blue. The temptation will surely test my willpower...
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Well the silver is not a bad choice. There is another member here and also on who got his in silver and I have to say it looks good overall. I was waiting for black or smoky granite however my dealer might be getting the white which I will most likely take ownership of. We’ll see :)
Once you're behind the wheel, color matters less....enjoy the ride!:cool:
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