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First Impressions In The Rain

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Well as all you fellow California F drivers know, its been a wet and wild few days in Southern California. I use my F as a daily driver and what I realized in these few days, is that the F is an amazing car in the rain. This car believe it or not, drives just as good in heavy rain, as it does on a nice clear day. Good job Lexus...the stability control is simply awesome!
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Well said! Despite the enormous amount of horsepower to the rear wheels, VDIM does an amazing job in inclement weather. I've driven my F through many rainstorms and the car stays nice and planted on the road.
Yup, I drove mine in the rain these past few days and I'd never thought it would feel sure-footed with the summer tires, but it did!
It rained here in Az too (shocker huh?) and it did pretty well, I had some fun without ruining my tires :)
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