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First "F" winter drive impressions

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AMAZING! coming out of the "IS300" to the "F" I was a little concerned about having that power inder the hood in the snow here in Minneapolis, but that concern soon faded with my first snow drive in the F. 25 mile commute...
all in snow mode on Blizzaks
- on flat ground, the car is strong and steady didnt get loose at all.
- on down hill, stopping is precise.
- on up hills and up hill stops the car held strong and just by relesing the brake the car pulled itself confidently up hill without hesitation or sliding.
This is a very general description of the over all experience but i thought i would share at least that with you folks. I was very impressed.
ohh and before you ask i have no TPM sensors on my winter package so those dash lights are on for that reason...:)


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/You guys living in MN and other midwest/east coast snow states are brave to buy the IS-F!!!

I would totally be thinking Audi if that was my situation :)
I live in Chicago. Had to ditch the IS-F for an Audi S5. I really do miss the IS-F in many aspects, but the S5 in terms of daily driving and "performance when you NEED it" is much more reasonable. I've got the S5 with the stock tires on now and have had no problem on icy roads, and it's been through two blizzards and handles well even with moderate/hard acceleration.

Come summer time, I'm going to miss it though. :( Although the S5 is without a doubt the sexiest luxury vehicle on the market now, that explains why they only stay on the lot for an average of 12 days.
Awww man its too bad about getting rid of your F. my lady just moved up this year from ohio...she had an audi, bought it new and the first 7 months she had it it was in the shop 8 times. so before she came to minneapolis we got her in an 2010 IS 250 awd. She will never go back :). As for me I have been here a total of 4 winters and drove the IS300 for those winters...without incident and on all season tires, and the F handles light years above the IS300 in the snow. if you look on the side of the road its alot of SUVs and overconfident drivers with AWD that are in the not saying all but they are there. Its fairly flat around here and they maintain the roads best they can too so its not that big of an issue to drive in the snow.
To be honest there's like maybe 4-5 situations in the year where the AWD is REALLY necessary in Chicago. Audis do have more problems than Lexus, that's a given, but thus far I've had none. I could list the pros and cons of each car, but it's all pretty obvious. I love different aspects of each car.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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