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I went to the dyno yesterday and finally got the numbers for my IS-f.
First the environments :
The car is from 08/08 it has covered roughly 13K miles.
Only modification performance wise is the Joe Z intake. Spark plugs and air filter in the standard air box have not been changed yet.
The ambient temprature was 18°C with pressure at 1007 mBar.
It was raining so the tires and rollers were slightly wet. Even with 2 people sitting in the boor it had difficulties not to spin.
The dyno is a Cartec 4 wheels drive capable of mesuring up to 1200PS. There is no intake temprature measure nor AFR measure and the cooling is done by 2 blowers
The pulls were done in 6th gear.

Translation of the results :

Engine Power (corrected) 404.6PS
Engine Power (measured) 419.2PS
Wheel Power (measured) 355.1PS
Drivetrain Loss (measured (64PS)
Peak power at 248km/h / 6102rpm
Torque (corrected) 509Nm (engine)
Peak torque at 206km/h / 5078rpm

That means measured wheel values were :
355.1 PS and 446.7 Nm
261.18 kW and 45.55 mkg
350.2 rwhp and 349.47 lbft

That is quite a good result I think :)
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