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Finally Pictures

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Looks really good! I don't mind those wheels either, they work with the car :cool: really like your engine cover too, need to get mine done like that!
Congrats on the great looking ride!!! I really like your wheels-where can I find info on them?
Are those rear black housing street legal??
haha thanks guys... the wheels are Vossen 3 piece. The black housings are illegal but my dad is friends with a state trooper so hes going to right me a warning with out a date on it so i can tell a cop that i have just been pulled over and warned about it.
That is a very nice ride!!!!
Can you give me the specs on the wheels and the price you got? I'm going to email the company and find out where the nearest dealer is in south Texas. I think I will also go with the powder coated calipers.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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