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As for the break in period... They run the engines at redline and as soon as they install the final bolt on the engine. As soon as they leave the final line they run the cars hard before going to the marshalling yard to check for problems.

My opinion if you run it hard from the start anything with a flaw should fail, and fail early under warranty. I did not push my F hard for the first 300kms to allow the brakes to 'settle' in as per the manual. After that point however, I have been driving it like I plan to. That is, I drive as if the gas pedal was an on/off button rather than a gradual accelerator :D
Break in period for any car is very important. You want the engine's seals to seat properly to avoid leaks down the road. Especially with valve guide seals and valve cover gaskets. The manufacturer has set a break in period standard for a reason...and they have spent countless hours and research to publish this. This is Toyota and Yamaha engineering you're dealing with...not yesterday's GM or Ford. ;)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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