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hello, i finally got my baby
and she purrs like a kitten
or a lion, whichever u prefer
i love it already
im in canada( maybe the manuals are different in the usa), and i was wondering what page in which manual does it talk about the break in period?
ive searched around and ive herd different suggestions on doing it properly
i would just like to read what lexus recommends
any suggestions?
and which page?
if someone can assist that be great

ive been hunting the forums for a month now
seems great
and now its good to be official

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and yes i imagine they are the same
but I was referring to the manuals
thanks for the link
but im still looking for the page number in the isf manual where they talk about the break in period
can anyone help?????

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yea i got her and love it
hey molson
have u done the nav yet?
and i have been pretty normal on her
but i did push it a bit, just to 180ish once and 160 a few times
i accelerated quite fast a few times
but i dont think it will hurt her
im only at 300 km now, just wanted to see what it could do
and i love it
im gonna take her easy now till the 1000km mark

also, how picky should i be about the outside condition?
there was a scuff when i picked it up that i noticed, they said they will fix it this week and also found a problem on the clearcoat two scuff lines that they said would buff out
i also saw a hair like scratch on the driver door
I feel like a dick complaining about this stuff
but i went to get my clear shield put on and they couldnt do it because it would cover the area and would always be there if it wasnt repaired

i believe if u pay 60+ for a car that it should be perfect
what do u guys think? is there any room for give in that area
or should i not be so picky
i understand it wont be perfect forever
but i think it should at least be at first

and for repairing painted areas, is there any method i should request them to do becasue i hear that a repainted car and clearcoat will never be the same
i also need to make sure they reapply the extra paint protection I purchased

and funny thing is the guy who waxed the car at the dealership should and would have noticed these things
so maybe they tried to slip it by me
which isnt very nice

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I think ill skip on this one
it wont be ready by then
but i am interested in going
whats it cost to do a few laps?
or how does pricing work?
or what kind of event is it?

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good, so im not the only one who thinks it should be perfect.
one quick question
i just noticed today that my alignment pulls a little to the right
i havent done any tough driving
no curbs or anything of that nature
what would warrant this issue?

should it be perfect as well?
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