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Few Different questions

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Just quick random questions:

1. I have a black ISF, has anyone noticed that the paint seems a bit "soft"? I have some many little scratches!!!!!!!!!!! Like around the door handles, i feel like a tiger gets in my car everyday and scratches the paint with its claws!!!

2. How many horsepower do we have while just driving? Do we really have 417hp????

3. How can I get my rear view mirror to stop vibrating so much? It drives me crazy....

I guess that's all i the questions I have for now........THX
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1) Wreck your front end, get a new one, install a clear bra. Hey, it worked for me!
2) I don't see any reason to doubt the 417 HP rating.
3) Not sure. This only happens when I have the stereo very loud.
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