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Ferrari Scuderia Helmet

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Ferrari Scuderia Helmet

If you have the money, good taste, and connections to score the 510 hp F430 Scuderia, you likely know what the lightweight supercar from Maranello is capable of. When Ferrari decides to produce an exotic with 60 millisecond shifts and a 5.4 pound-per-pony ratio, you just know that it's track worthy. That means you're going to need something to protect your noggin when you head out to the road course. German helmet maker Schuberth Helme was commissioned to create head gear that exudes Ferrari coolness while also providing comfortable, lightweight protection for the driver. A quick glance at the photo above proves the mission was accomplished.

The helmet sports the dual racing strip of the Scuderia, and the exposed carbon fiber is good looking enough to negate the need for any manner of paint decoration. Four slotted air vents keep the head cool, and since the helmet is made of carbon fiber, its total weight is a little over two pounds. The helmet also sports a UV-protected visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, too. If you've got the money to spring for a Scuderia, you may as well go the extra mile and get one of the coolest-looking helmets on earth, regardless of the cost.
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:eek: That is awesome!! Anyone have an idea about the price?
:eek: That is awesome!! Anyone have an idea about the price?,shop.flypage/pid,15371/cid,66/

2200 euros, about ~$4000 with tax and shipping?
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