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Fender Signal Lights

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Quick question: i was watching some videos of people explaining the cars and stuff, and i saw some different things compared to mine, but i wasn't sure, they have the signal lights right under the F logo on the right and left fenders, and that the lexus emblem in the front wasn't cut out it into the lexus L it was a circle embedded with the plexiglass or something, is this true or am i imagining things>?
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The different front badge is due to those cars having >

anti-tailgating, auto cruise function and that is where the detector goes. You can also see this on the LX and RX cars. Think the side light markers may be on the European cars or English cars.
^What Dean said is correct :cool:
Most american cars are gonna be different than the European or Asian models , the turn signal below the "F" badge indicate this is an Asian/Euro vehicle I have a brochure from Japan on the IS-F Specs and pics and I noticed this when i read it.
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