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feedback needed! 5k to drop.

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i have a isf with about 2500 miles on it and i want to make the car more fun. ive been looking at sikky headers, k&n typoon intake, borla exhaust, and some springs (tein?) and maybe a throttle controller. could you guys tell me what is the best performance part in every category. also none of those things would void the warranty right because of the new law? this is a bit off topic but what are some really nice light weight wheels?
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^^^PPE is having a Group Buy on Headers right now. It ends in three days. PM me if you have any interest.

I know there is a law that is supposed to protect us from a warranty being voided over modification but I'm wondering if this law only protects us if our modifications are you know, in CA most of the fun modification (exhaust, turbo, supercharge, headers, cai) are all not street legal. I would proceed with caution...
Skip the borla exhaust and get a Joe-Z exhaust. Majority of owners that get exhaust get the Joe-Z and are very happy with there choice.
doesnt the borla give more a deep aggressive sound though?
^^^^IMHO, the Borla is not up to the quality and fitment of the JoeZ. I've seen and heard the JoeZ. The workmanship is top notch, and the sound is pretty aggressive, in fact to aggressive for me.

I'm considering getting the Borla also. I personally could care less how nice the finish of an exhaust is. The Borla is pretty much EXACTLY the same design as the JOEZ exhaust at a much lower price. They are both true dual 2.5 inch tubing, both have built in high flow resonators, and both have straight through mufflers. I've found a couple places that I can pick one up NEW for under $1,050 shipped. Another issue that you will find on here is that it's either a JOEZ or ISS Forged - Fan Club. Sorry to everyone that doesn't want to hear that... But it is. I'm not disagreeing with the fact that those two exhaust are superior to Borla. However IMO the Borla and JOEZ will yield the same power gains and sound pretty similar (As long as we are talking about the FULL catback system from Borla part #12656). I also think ISS Forged makes a little more power at the cost of a lot more drone. I'm at the same crossroad about the exhaust systems and I can't decide between them yet. The other thing about the Borla FULL Catback is that hardly anyone is getting it. So to compare numerous DYNOs to hardly any wouldnt be fair. I called and spoke with Borla and they said their exhaust did 15hp at the wheels (which is prob very conservative), the exhaust was engineered specifically for the ISF down to the mufflers and tuning of the sound. FACT: Borla has been producing proven exhausts for a long time... much longer than JOEZ. It's beginning to get on my nerves that people just instantly discredit a company or product without much, if any basis. Anyway... Sorry about me getting on a soapbox, I'm done with that.

As Lou suggested. You should definitely get in the group buy for the PPE headers. The price is really good, customer service has been great and I believe it is a superior product to the SIKKY headers. No offense. Step 2 get the KandN intake. It has been independently DYNOed, numerous testers, yielding the highest gains from an intake system on the ISF. I have one myself and I love it. You will run into the Fan Club I was talking to you about earlier on the intake system as well. Do your research... I HAVE. I know that the KandN system makes the most power... Period. Many will disagee, not bc they are correct but defensive. Next you need an exhaust. Do your research and make the choice that best suits you. You are looking at $1-2k shipped depending on which one you choose. That will get you started. I can't comment on wheels or springs as I don't really know enough about them. I do think the front of the ISF does look like it needs to come down a 1/2 inch or more to make it look even with the back. Anyways, good luck. Dont miss out on the headers!!! I'm not. =-)
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The Borla exhaust is nice, I had the full cat back setup. It's a very clean, deep sound and is significantly louder than stock. It is incredibly loud when cold starting. In over 10k miles driven with the Borla, I was never pulled over for loud exhaust. I bought an Audi S5 and put a cat back on this car, and now I really appreciate the sound deadening on the IS-F. I also have been pulled over for loud exhaust three times in 4k miles in my S5 :( . The Borla on the IS-F was so much more tolerable in cabin and the drone was much more tolerable (this might be due to the 8 gears in comparison to 6 on the S5).

There were minor fitting issues with the Borla, but nothing a good installer can't handle. It's definitely a quality exhaust system and for the money and cost/hp, you can't do better. I've never heard a Joe-Z system to compare. Stay away from the custom intake setups, waste of money, although they really make the engine sound mean.
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JoeZ's customer service has no equal. Also, your query is about the best performance part and the Joe Z exhaust is the best in most aspects. Borla is mediocre 2nd or 3rd in most owner's experience. Also, do a search on the Borla exhaust in this forum and Club Lexus, and you will know why Borla is not mentioned as the best..
for 5k the guys at elite could set you up with my twin turbo kit that makes 552rwhp. I have bought a new ctsv coupe. You can pm me with any questions.
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