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Favorite IS-F color?

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I bought the Ultrasonic Blue because at the time, it was the only IS-F on the market within 300 miles.

I'd have to say Starfire Pearl is the nicest looking color on the IS-F.

What do you think?
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I almost bought the blue as well, but I decided not to because I thought that the color is just a fad that wouldn't last. I bought the Obsidian because of it's timeless elegance and stealth. The gray was my second choice. The white and silver looks plain to me. The Matador red looks too feminine for me. I wish they had it in blood red or the kind of red they have on fire trucks. This is just my opinion with no offense intended. Then again, the beauty of the color lies in the eyes of the beholder...
Ultrasonic Blue because it just stands out so much and screams IS-F. no other colors do that. The only reason i got the Obsidian Black is because my dad didn't want me to get speeding tickets anymore so he thought the blue would be to easy to spot. If i didnt get black i would have gotten the grey
I got black although because of the maintaince i wish i had gotten the dark grey... But i am more of classic person I dont think i would have the balls to have a blue or red car... but that's just me...
I bought my favorite color for a car...the smokey granite mica. Its clean and stealthy. It looks great but does not scream out to the cops. My second choice would be black, so I could murder-out the car. With regards to just color, I like the blue color the best, but I thought it would be a little too flashy for every day.
ultrasonic blue all the way
USB because although I like the other colors it still does not stand out to me looks like just another Lexus.
All the colors are nice but the smokey granite mica matches the wheels, classy elegance.
USB. All of the colors look extremely nice but none pop as well as the USB. I think the lines on the car stand out more in the blue.
My 08 is Silver because at the time I only had 2 options Silver or Red. Since I have a tendency to speed I went with Silver.

The 2010 is Red on the other hand.

I'd have to say Red is my favorite on the car because it screams "Here I am"
I like in this order, Blue, white, silver, red, grey, black
I'm partial to dark grey in general, but that is the color of my F, so I'm a bit biased. I also like silver and black on the F.

The blue reminds me too much of Subaru's WRC blue, so it somehow doesn't seem right to me.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
i like my starfire. i miss it, its been sitting under the car cover for a month now all i can see of it is a little white around the license plate :(


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Silver, silver, silver is the only why to go!!
Starfire Pearl! :D
My ISF is in Ultrasonic Blue, I am really happy with it. I searched for it and ended up driving a 500 mile round trip to get that color. But my close 2nd is Starfire Pearl.
USB of course...

I almost got black but wanted something a little more noticible from a far and up close. From a distance you know it is an ISF in USB because in the past no other model was available in USB (although now the 2010 ISC has USB available).

Was a little worried about the cop magnet factor but my heart was with USB.

To get what I wanted it had to be shipped from Vancouver to Toronto area = 2000+ miles :D
to get what i wanted i had to order from japan! :p

lol......i seem to have posted the wrong picture in a previous post......oh well it still looks good!
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