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Factory oem 10" rear wheel option

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i believe the isf factory wheels are really stunning and one of the top looking oem wheels out there, unfortunately as all of you would agree not wide enough in the rear , i usually get remarks like this from my circle of friends with high performance cars, was wondering if enough owners made a stink about it the factory would consider and simply make a 10" or 10.5" rear which would allow us to use the existing 9" up front and we would not have to go crazy looking for aftermarket options. Does anyone have an opinion on this kindly advise maybe we could start a petition of sorts
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I have no idea whether the factory would every consider this, but I do know that the 9" rear wheels will not work on the front...the offsets are not correct.
Rear wheels

Well OK then........I would still like to request the larger wheels for the rear. I can live with the front ones if I have to. That would look really nice in addition to the additional traction. Since I ported and polished my intake manifold and throttle body I have a hard time hooking up in second and third with the throttle response. :D
^^^^Are you aware that you can fit 285/30/19 on the stock 9" wheels:confused: I am running 245/35/19 and 285/30/19 Continental ExtremeContact DW tires on my stock wheels. Traction is improved as well handling and road noise and the contact patch is square. I agree wider wheels would be nice, I would like at least 9.5", but the 285s are working great on the rear of my F.

See my thread here:

cornering went down on my ISF with 285. So I would not recommend.
^^^^Again, maybe it's your choice of tire. My Continental DW in the 245/35/19 and 285/30/19 size on stock wheels are handling in a superb fashion. I can't recommend this change highly enough. Everything is improved over my stock Michelins. Ride, noise, handling, traction, rain performance - everything is much improved.

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