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F Wheels Powder Coated or Anodized ?

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Can anyone tell me if our BBS forged aluminum wheels are powder coated or anodized? Also are they clear coated? Have been cleaning with Meguiars Hot Wheels Cleaner and just noticed the product is NOT recommended for powder coated or anodized wheels YIKES!! I like this product because it has a foaming action rather than just a spray-on. Anyone else with experience using brake dust cleaners? Thanks!!
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I'm told by a reliable friend that they're powder coated, but not 100% sure.
thanks for the feedback, and still would like to confirm if they are clear coated?
I'm sorry it took a while for me to get this information. I've been waiting Lexus Corporate to give me the official answer. We actually got this answer from Japan:D

IS-F wheels are powder painted and urethane coated for protection.

Hope this was helpful...
yes and thanks for the follow up!!
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