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F symbol is missing/gone

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I know little about the IS F (sadly). I come from German world (M3). Since I got burnt with my E46 M3 SMG I wanted something reliable and fast. I wanted an E92 M3. I was terrified to pull the trigger and never brought one. I wanted a reliable saloon and a friend suggested the IS F (maybe over 1 year ago). Lexus really! I'll pass! Every time I did a comparison it was C63 AMG power and e92 was a track warrior so that always left the F out of the picture. So last Tuesday I went to check one out. During test drive I almost made a U-turn to take it back because I thought the car was just flat and dead. As I turned the steering wheel I saw the sports button (I really do not know anything about this car lol). I hit the button and I did feel throttle response but wasn't impressed. Moved the shift lever into manual mode and saw the F symbol come across the screen between TACH and Speedo...and it was on and poppin'.......and brought car on the spot (2010)......Boy the F is no F'n joke:eek:. I had no idea! Reason for long message is I have not seen the F symbol come back on when I put it in sports mode. I only see it when I first turn the car on. Is there a setting? I think the dealer factory defaulted everything because all the door locks now open when I get in the car.... Any suggestions?

M3 hat now in garage. BIMMER is dead to me!!!!!!!!!:mad:
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I believe you got your answer on another forum:eek:

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