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F Symbol in the Mini Screen by the Odometer

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Hey guys, quick question I don't know if its only me, but obviously whenever you start the car, the mini screen/display that tells you how much miles, temperature, gear, gas remaining, and MPG that thing the F symbol only comes up once right when you start the car, and theres no other display option that makes it appear again right? if thats only me then theres something wrong, but i believe they should have an option to have the F always showing, that would be sick!
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When you select the mode to view the gears in the mini screen (I think its the last one before it goes blank then repeats again starting with the temperature) while your in auto, it will show all the gears with little dots of the ones your not in. Now if you have the gear view selected and throw it into manual, the F comes up the whole time :cool:
Yep, and when you switch back to auto, it hides again.
thanks big mikee
anytime :)
yeah, i saw i actually didn't know that i tried it so thanks a lot, its actually pretty cool, but the one that has a blank screen should always have the F sign. that would be sick
The multifunction display should be a true color LCD instead! :D
that would be pretty sick, actually you probably can get that done i think!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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