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F-Sport rotors

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Hey everyone, does anyone know if the 2 piece F-Sport rotor will fit the stock F, and what is the price is for them, they seem better then the stock F rotors, or at least thats what i think but I could be wrong.
I was over at my local dealer couple of days ago and I asked them about the price and so on, everyone there was clueless for some reason, they didn't even have a part number for them.
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I just joined and new to all of this stuff, are there any other toronto F owners out there. has anyone considered a meet ?
Not all dealers carry F-sport, I think some shy away from aftermarket parts in general because of warranty concerns. You can always order F-sport through Carson Toyota. If they do not want to ship them to Canada, then let me know and I can help you out.
Concerning the F-sport as a replacement for the F, it looks like the front is 355mm, which would fall short of the 360mm front brakes on the F.

The F-Sport rotors wont fit, because they are smaller than the Brembos. The F-Sports are 355X32mm in front and 345X28mm in back. The F Brembos are 360X30mm in front and 345X28mm in back.

Huh, just noticed that the rears are in fact the exact same size. However, the F-Sport rear caliper has four pistons (4X30mm) compared to two in the F (2X36mm). I would assume that the swept area would be different.

So, I will modify my original statement, to say No in front, and I don't think so in back.

Now, with all that being said, I'm sure, if you wanted to spend the bucks, you could find two piece rotors in the aftermarket.

A week ago Thursday I spent 2 hours on a 2.4 mile closed circuit track (4 - 30 minute sessions) with absolutely no brake fade at the end. At four spots on the track I had to brake from 100 - 120 mph down to 35 - 40 mph for hairpin turns. Track is Motor Sports Ranch in Angleton, Texas if you want to look at the track layout.

I don't see any benefit at all going to F-Sport brakes. The F's Brembos are great. If you had a IS250 or IS350 they would be an improvement. JMHO you would be going backwards to change.

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