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F Sport IS 250/350 Access.

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Info we recieved at F Champ. Training 2/4-2/6 Las Vegas, no performance numbers were given, They had a 250 there fully kitted (looked/sounded nasty) and mentioned unofficially that the cost of the whole setup was 16,000 not including installation (but inc. tires)

Launch Date: 4/15/08 (all except c/f engine cover 5/08)

Available for all IS250/350 vehicles (including AWD)

Stainless exhaust (made by HKS) tuned with intake

Springs - 25% stiffer, 1" lower than "stock"

Front Suspension- Springs and Shocks 90% increase in "stiffness"
Rear- 50% increase
Anti-Roll Bar- 10% increase

Brakes- made by Stop-Tech
Front 13.9" 6 piston
Rear 13.6"

Clutch- 30% stronger clamping power

Quick Shift- 30% reduction in throw

Cross Member Brace- it's blue

19" forged Alloy's made by "Super Alloy" Tire Sizes are 225/35/19, 255/35/19
front 9x8" 40mm offset (+5mm)
rear 9x9" (+15mm)

Engine Cover, Shift Knobs, F&R spoilers
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Sweet, thanks for the information! Any pics by chance?
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