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F/S Takeda Retain Intake

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Cold Air Intake System Stage 2 Lexus IS-F 2008-2010 V8-5.0L

I just purchased the Takeda intake and installed it for one day. My wife loves the car and has decided to take over the ISF. Only issue is she does not want the extra power or noise. Nice waist of money!

Selling the Intake for $250.00 Shipping is not included, but should be around $15 to $30 for ground.

Purchase through paypal is preferred unless you are in Austin, Texas.

PM me!


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Already selling it man?
The F is my car, but when we go out, my wife and I go in the F. She has not noticed the extra noise, she has no idea I changed the intake. (Don't tell her, OK?) It is slightly louder (throatier) at part throttle, but not by much. The longer I have this intake, the more I like it.


The hour I had it on my car it was sweet! More of a rumble than stock.

I will probably try a 3rd party filter. Perhaps keep the sound the same but get a little better breathing than the current paper filter.
What's the difference between this Takeda and the other one? Btw, you have a pm!
^Between the Takeda and which one? Injen, K&N, Joe Z, etc?
^Between the Takeda and which one? Injen, K&N, Joe Z, etc?
Sorry for not being specific! I meant Takeda Stage 2 and the other Takeda intake setup for sale. Thanks!
Takeda only makes one intake for the F...there are two part numbers, one with B for black tube and one with a P for polished, that's the only difference between the two...
Sounds good! Thanks!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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