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The badge seems forgivable now I've seen IS owners installing IS-F front bumpers...
The front bumper isn't the reason why you bought the F is it? Besides isn't that the most sincere form of flattery?

Ok so I have been observing this over the past few months... is it just me? So its easy to spot an IS in your rearview mirror. lately I have been having ISs dip and doge through traffic to catch up to the ISF. if and when they make it through traffic they pull up beside just enough to show off there FSPORT badge. Even had one try and race me at a light (didnt entertain the thought btw). REALLY? why in the hell would someone risk life/limb and there car to do this? I DONT CARE THAT YOU HAVE AN FSPORT BADGE. I am an IS fan of all levels. before my F I had a 300 my lady has a 250awd but I have never went out of my way to show off my vehicles, just plain dangerous and stupid.
My rant of the day :) have a good one
Dangerous is relative. There are people on the road who have vision problems, seizures and other disorders that make them unfit to drive (I work in a hospital and get to see the outcomes all the time). In my personal/professional opinion, when someone drives in that manner they are actually more aware of their surroundings. Dangerous drivers drive while texting or making a phone call or doing make up or shaving or any other number of things besides DRIVING quickly. Anyway I digress.

I've not noticed the phenomenon but I've only owned my car for a little under 2 weeks. However, had that been me, I might have offered him the view of the back of my car.
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