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What do you think about the F badge on other cars like the IS350 F-Sport?

  • Like it

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Don't Like it

    Votes: 26 49.1%
  • Doesn't bother me

    Votes: 13 24.5%
  • Why don't they just buy a real F

    Votes: 13 24.5%

F Badge on the F-Sport

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Does anyone feel a little less special now that there are these little F-Sport IS's running around wearing our badges?? Or am I just a little nutty...
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I like it. Even the gf knows the difference, often saying "awww cute, it's a baby F!".

TBH, it can do nothing but help the brand image. We could really use a larger aftermarket community and prove to Lexus (via sport product/car sales) that performance is a marketable feature worth investing in. Lexus has everyone beat in quality, but performance and styling sells cars to anyone with a pulse.

Another reason for making the 350 RWD only available as F sport is probably the slump in sales. Their wasn't anything really "cool" about the 250/350 that would bring in the younger male crowd.

Seeing Lexus carve out the 350 RWD and make it F sport only, is actually a great indication they plan to sell cars in the land of the living and not to the retirement home crowd.

As for feeling special, you know what they say about imitation...

Its like having a bunch of little minions zipping around. :)
NP, although it is optimistic, I hope it is the direction they plan to take. The new GS should be a good indication if they plan to make a competitive sports car.

I was reading Wikipedia and saw this:

The LS 460 Sport—a performance variant equipped with a sport-tuned air suspension, Brembo brakes, forged wheels, paddle shifters, body kit, and a unique interior—was added.[110][111] The Sport model received the Sport Direct Shift transmission, also found in the Lexus IS F, with downshift rev-matching capability and manual mode.
F Sport LS? :)
Now that Lexus has implemented more F Sport vehicles, I got to change my vote... Putting same F badge in the same places, and not using the different looking "F Sport" badge (with the little F and "Sport") is starting to annoy. They really should differentiate between badges.

Although I still think spicing up the line-up is healthy for Lexus, they are in danger of diluting the logo and halo brand image of the true F cars.

If your reading this Lexus, establish F Sport as its own unique product/image. You have the "tuner"-like aftermarket parts and the pre-"tuned" vehicles to cement that brand imaging... and distance it from the real F cars. You don't see copy cat M badges all over a 335i because it has M Sport cup holders and 18" rims.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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