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extended warranty

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I passed on the one the dealership offered when I bought the car, and I think I want to get one now. Any of you guys buy one from any company other than Lexus? Experiences?
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i didnt get one, because its a lexus and should last
and if something goes wrong years down the road, im sure it wont cost the 2-3000 to repair... well maybe
I purchased one through my credit union when I financed. It was about $670 and covered the car to 84,000 miles or 84 months. I did this for 2 reasons,,,,1= covers car past expected date of pay off and 2= covers all internal electric motors (seat, sun roof, windows ect) on top of alot of other things most ext warranties do not. If you are making payments you might look into re-financing with a credit union,,,,,i recieved a much better rate and better ext warranty.
I purcahsed the Lexus warranty, I forgot how many more years and miles by its probably around 75k or something like that
I'm not much of an extended warranty type of person. I think they are a waste most of the time. If you don't use it it is a loss of money. I think if you take care of your car and maintain it the chances of anything going wrong is slim to none. I do understand that some people worry about prblems, but to me it is just a money maker for the insurance companies out there. Most people that buy it is just for peace of mind to make them feel better, or a "saftey net" if you will.

Either way, neither choice will be easy. No matter what you choose your damned if you do and damned if you don't. It depends on what you need to make you feel better about what you do. I just can't justify spending money for something I might need later, but probably won't. Sounds like a sucker bet at the casino if you ask me.
I guess it depends on how much risk you are willing to accept. In most cases you end up spending more on the warranty than you will get out of it.

If you get a non-Lexus extended warranty, make sure that it covers everything you care about. A lot of the extended warranties on the market have many exclusions, so be sure to read the contract carefully.

I didn't buy one with my car. I figured I would see how it goes during the factory warranty period and if it has a lot of problems, I will by the Lexus warranty before the factory one expires. So far so good with me. The only problem I've had is with the non-Lexus iPod adapter and minor rattles.

Good luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
yeah, i think i want the warranty...piece of mind kind of thing. i love the car and plan on keeping it for many years. i remember the high pressure second sales guy at the dealership telling me that once i drive off the lot that the DVD/NAV is not covered at all unless you get the extended warranty. you know the guy, he is the one that tried to sell you the lojack...

my research tells me the earlier you buy, the cheaper the warranty is. i basically want the policy that covers pretty much everything, except tires, brakes, oil changes, etc.

i also know you can do much better than what lexus offers, and you can still bring the car to the dealership. i wouldn't mind paying a few grand now for the coverage even though i have not had one problem with the car. one repair can easily pay for the warranty in full.
My Acura TSX has a 7 year / 160,000km comprehensive warranty from Acura Plus, and so far I'd have to say that I've already gotten my money's worth in repairs. It's not so much the parts that are expensive, it's the labour. For me, it's also the peace of mind of knowing that your car is repaired by a reputable facility should any problems arise that can be fixed with the warranty.

I've had tons of things fixed under the comprehensive warranty, door look actuator, various squeaks and rattles, suspension bushings, control arms, the centre console, and all of it was covered under warranty.

When I get my F, I'm going with the longest warranty they have.
so for the monday crowd, anyone get a warranty for their F not from lexus? if so, which company and did any of you ever use it?
My Porsche has an extended warranty, I would never own one with out it. My Lexus... I haven't a worry about it. I will make a final decision with 1 month left on the factory standard warranty, but I probably won't go for it. It's a Toyota (at heart)!!!
I usually dont keep my cars that long, the original warranty is usually more than enough for me.
From my perspective I used to own an E46 BMW 330i. I had lots of "repairs" done to the car all covered under warranty. Once the warranty ended I encountered plenty of issues that costs me thousands of dollars out of my pocket.

I highly recommend warranty for any car.

One I got my ISF it came with the 4 year 50k warranty and i will probably upgrade it to the highest possible years and mileage. It is worth it unless you want to mod your car and do your own thing but I am not the one to do such evil things. My 330i was modded plenty and it only gave me problems

Warranty ftw
I'd have to look at the paperwork again to see exactly what extended warranty I got, but the one I got through the dealership has a clause in it that says if I never take a claim on it I get the full money back paid for the warranty.
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