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Exhaust not fitting

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I think i just had the first Joe Z exhaust not to fit right on install.

it mounted up and was way low, where the factory fitment on the resonator portion on the exhaust wouldn't reach the factory holders. Also the initial pipe from the header ran into on of the shields/ covers.

Sucks cause i've read nothing but awesome things about Joe Z, which is why i bought it :(

Good new is that Luis at Carson was all over it , and Extremely cool about it :) so props to them :)

Anyone else ever have fitment issues with Joe Z or any other exhaust for that matter?
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That sucks man, hope it gets fixed.
Let us know how it goes, I have read nothing but good things.
take a picture and maybe we can help or Joe. im sure joe will be all over this too. lol
Mine was stuck against a heatshield as well but I have had absolutely no fitment issues apart from that
After I bent the shield it was all right
yea i asked if he could do that, but he show me where the bar underneath wouldn't clear the exhaust pipe. I didn't even think to take a pic at that moment cause honestly i was paying for the time, and it was over 100 degree's outside.
But Carson was very cool about it, and said they would be having it picked up asap and they would go through pts for me and get it done :) Hopefully it wasn't smoke, hehe.
But exactly, ive heard nothing but great things, so just wondered if anyone else had this problem.
go go pts and joe z.
i didn't have that issue so I can't really say. i did have an issue with the exhaust rubbing the black plastic piece when I make a right turn. it was fixed though by grinding the plastic piece a little bit. other then that fitment was great.
I've had the Joe Z exhaust system for 1/2 year and I had no issues whatsoever.
saaa weett, Joe called me and the exhaust shop, fixed the issue, and now sounding like a champ :)

vroom vroom.....
How'd he fix it?
...Joe called me and the exhaust shop...
You can never say enough about GREAT customer service.

I'm glad to hear Joe and your shop were able to work it out. Now get out there and drive it for a while and give us a review.
How'd he fix it?
Amazingly it was the easiest fix ever!!!

I made sure they installed it correctly in their 2nd attempt with the same exact system.. ;)

They were trying to install it the "Hard Way" the first time..

In a nutshell, it was just an installer error...

~ Joe Z :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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