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Everyone's Occupation

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I was wondering in general what everyone in this forum does for living?
B/c some of you guys own more than 1 cars while others just happy with the F..I mean Me, I own a F and possibility of purchasing a GTR as a 2nd car later down but I'm pretty amazed..
I own 2 businesses and make enough to purchase a F on cash but some of you guys are more than well off it seems..
At best I had cars over $50K price tags over the years..
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Porn star! Kidding, US Air Force.
Porn Star? Really?:D Have I seen any of your work? Lol..US Air force eh?
Very nice!! BTW if you read this how's your F running?
Just graduated... Gonna start working with my dad soon (importing, warehousing and distributing consumer goods/manufacturing paper products such as facial tissues, toilet roll, kitchen roll, napkins etc...etc...
i am a human resources manager for a large university
linux systems and network engineer.
Porn Star? Really?:D Have I seen any of your work? Lol..US Air force eh?
Very nice!! BTW if you read this how's your F running?

I've been in Germany for the past 2 weeks. The F is resting in the garage. I just order the JoeZ exhaust and intake system. Two more weeks to go. Woot!

Perinatologist.......The F gets me to deliveries fast!
^^^^Whew, had to look that one up:eek:

Toyota Canada Inc., and I do database programming on the side...

Don't own my own F yet, but I drive the ones we have at work!
Working for AT&T... Also invest in hotels and restaurants...
Civil Engineer by education
Purchasing Specialist - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada by job
own several rental properties for extra income
and wife recently graduated as a psychologist
Interesting mix.

Electrical & Computer Engineering grad. Java semi-guru. Future F owner...hopefully. :)
Filenet developer/architect consultant. Specializing in business workflow systems.
Healthcare IT Administrator for +20 yrs and still loving it
Best post so far!!!!
But if I may make a little suggestion smoke, you should really try the strip clubs up here in Toronto, I hear ;) that they are the BOMB!
And FREE cheesecakes and pastries to all forum members!!! I know some of you cheap bastards will take me up on that!:D
Willing to ship any cheescake? lol

Perinatologist.......The F gets me to deliveries fast!
I'm an ultrasound tech, the F gets me to the pregnant momma's pretty quick too :D
Operations Manager for a Van Hool Motorcoach Dealership.
Fleet Sales Manager for a Chevy store after being laid off about 9 years ago as a network engineer for Sun Micro/Avaya/Level3/ICG got sick of IT.
Systems Engineer 2 in the Medical field.

10+ years experience, currently going for the Cisco stuff.

Hope to get the F around 2012 or earlier.

* Love modifying and working on cars.
I own a Real Estate Company at Panama City, Panama ;) :D
also we help developers to get Private Funding and Bond Funds for Hotels ,Casinos and Condos Projects.
I proudly own a ISF Starfire Pearl 2008 with some mods like Joe Z intake & exhaust, Toms drop in filter, Toms Throttle Controller, Hawk ceramic brake pads, Black chrome emblems and new Nitto Invo ( upgrade size ) 245 F 275 R :rolleyes::eek:
Infiniti FX 35 black with black w sport package 20" rims is also in the garage
61 - 80 of 115 Posts
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