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Everyone's Occupation

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I was wondering in general what everyone in this forum does for living?
B/c some of you guys own more than 1 cars while others just happy with the F..I mean Me, I own a F and possibility of purchasing a GTR as a 2nd car later down but I'm pretty amazed..
I own 2 businesses and make enough to purchase a F on cash but some of you guys are more than well off it seems..
At best I had cars over $50K price tags over the years..
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Porn Star? Really?:D Have I seen any of your work? Lol..US Air force eh?
Very nice!! BTW if you read this how's your F running?

I've been in Germany for the past 2 weeks. The F is resting in the garage. I just order the JoeZ exhaust and intake system. Two more weeks to go. Woot!

1 - 2 of 115 Posts
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