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Everyone's Occupation

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I was wondering in general what everyone in this forum does for living?
B/c some of you guys own more than 1 cars while others just happy with the F..I mean Me, I own a F and possibility of purchasing a GTR as a 2nd car later down but I'm pretty amazed..
I own 2 businesses and make enough to purchase a F on cash but some of you guys are more than well off it seems..
At best I had cars over $50K price tags over the years..
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Best post so far!!!!
But if I may make a little suggestion smoke, you should really try the strip clubs up here in Toronto, I hear ;) that they are the BOMB!
And FREE cheesecakes and pastries to all forum members!!! I know some of you cheap bastards will take me up on that!:D
Have you guys been to the clubs in Montreal? Man! Better than cheese cake! :)

I'm in the corporate world handling HR. I also have a little performance shop called Orange. And yes my handle is supposed to be ORANGEMIG but I guess I'm dislexic. And I couldn't edit the damn thing.
1 - 1 of 115 Posts
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