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Wow this is great I have everything I need right here :) , first I'm gonna get on a plane piloted by Mike72, then we're gonna fly to Axtellz to get some Vicoden for my pain,(thanks dude :D ) then we're gonna fly to see my buddy Permasmile for some cheesecakes and pastries (thanks dude :D ) then we're gonna fly to Dallas (wearing my Dwayne Wade jersey..hahaha) to see my buddy BigMikeIsf for some counseling cuz these pills are addicting (just kidding), then me and Mike72 are getting a limo to see our buddy Xtreme , to fix the dent we accidentally got in the parking lot,pick up a girl named Holly and go to the best steak house's and strip clubs in Texas---heeee haaww :D Where everything is bigger and better, gotta get a new cowboy hat too!! :D

Btw who's got the money? ok, ok, everybody can come Mike72 said he's got a jet with champagne waiting for us !!!
Best post so far!!!!
But if I may make a little suggestion smoke, you should really try the strip clubs up here in Toronto, I hear ;) that they are the BOMB!
And FREE cheesecakes and pastries to all forum members!!! I know some of you cheap bastards will take me up on that!:D
1 - 2 of 115 Posts
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