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I too, agonized over the F vs GTR decision..
I am a longtime Datsun Z fan, and was first in line to score a GTR.. when they tried to charge me MSRP plus 20K, i walked away. I bought the 08 F, and i love it. No, it is not the quickest car out there. Yes, it is brutally quick,while being refined as well.
I consider the F a GT (grand tourer)- it drives like a hellacious beast when you want, yet is also a pussycat, able to cruise the family comfortably all day long.

"It is what it is"... you simply have to accept what you have/want. I know i can toast most cars i meet- not that i care so much- I also know that there will be faster cars out there- don't really care- i enjoy my GT just as it was designed to be! Good luck.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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