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Everyday super car?

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I bought a 2009 IS-F last October. The car is great, amazing power, comfortable and so far low maintenace. I owned a MB C32 before and that was kind of a nightmare. Incredible ride... when it's running but just so many problems that it wears out the fun factor eventually. After the tranny died, I decided to switch to Lexus because of the reliability.
Anyways I have been reading more and more about the GT-R and everyone is raving about it's super acceleration and how it can match Porsche, Lambos at 3 times the price. So now I am second guessing myself about whether I should have dish out a bit of cash and got the GT-R, the ultimate performance car bar none. But my research also seems to show that the GT-R has bone jarring ride, and most of all, it is a high maintenance vehicle. Edmunds reported that in 15 months of ownership, 6 scheduled visits are needed costing over $7,000. Also there were a couple recalls already and the infamous tranny breakdown with hard launches. I know all these but the performance bit is just so tempting. I think someone here actually sold their IS-F, bought a GT-R and then switched back. Any advise you can offer? This IS-F vs GT-R thing is tormenting me, especially when I see C63 on the road and I know that while the IS-F could match their performance, the GT-R can own them!
Deep down I know I made the right decision but... you know, it's like drooling over Scarlett Johanson even though you are married!
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My 2 cents. If you simply want a super quick car then by all means dish out another 25k and get the GT-R as there is simply no way to shoot its numbers down, it is SICK FAST! It is also LOUD so you will be talking over the noisy interior to get your passenger to hear you. The IS-F is a 4 door performance sedan and is purpose built as the GT-R is. You are still able to take the wife and kids out on an excursion, as well as add a abay seat if needed. Its an all around performance sedan with supercar numbers but NO it will not get near the performance of the GT-R but it will do a lot of things the GT-R can not. Its just a personal preference of needs at this point since they are both two totally different purpose built vehicles.
I too, agonized over the F vs GTR decision..
I am a longtime Datsun Z fan, and was first in line to score a GTR.. when they tried to charge me MSRP plus 20K, i walked away. I bought the 08 F, and i love it. No, it is not the quickest car out there. Yes, it is brutally quick,while being refined as well.
I consider the F a GT (grand tourer)- it drives like a hellacious beast when you want, yet is also a pussycat, able to cruise the family comfortably all day long.

"It is what it is"... you simply have to accept what you have/want. I know i can toast most cars i meet- not that i care so much- I also know that there will be faster cars out there- don't really care- i enjoy my GT just as it was designed to be! Good luck.
Thanks guys!
For me the IS-F and Lexus' reliability record is the deciding factor. I need something that gives good performance without having me take days off and devoting my vacation to trips to the dealership.
The GT-R wins on pure numbers but for me I drive in traffic to/from work everyday so there is hardly any time that I can "launch" the car. Even on the occassion that I press the gas pedal a bit more on the IS-F, it's so fast that I almost have to slam on the brake in a second or two! I remember an online review of the GT-R said that in the first week, you will be amazed at what it can do but after that you will be constantly frustrated by what a $80K car should have but doesn't, referring to the touch screen control, surround sound and backup carmeras etc.
+1 on the backup camera, reverse parking like a champ everytime! It'd be pretty hard to get used to parking the GT-R in reverse, since the rear is so high with the spoiler and it's not a small car by any means.

I also thought about the GT-R, but I can't stand the immensely bone-jarring ride, not to mention having to yell to have a conversation and how much road noise gets transferred into the cabin. It'd be great as a weekend car, and no doubt turns a lot more heads than an F.
The is f is a great car for what i wanted it to be, an everyday car i can drive like a bat out of hell and have 4 seats when need be. it's no alternative for the supercars in the stable but it sure is a fun car to drive to and from the office and not have to deal with the shortcommings of the other cars as a dd
If you got the extra cash, heck, lease a GT-R for a bit! :)
F is the best of both worlds tho.
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