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i dont know if im as curious as others, but to put it bluntly.... where the [email protected]#$ are my headers?

the "they should be ready in 3 weeks" was up almost 3 weeks ago. i'd like to get them on my car before it [email protected]#$ing snows this year.

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Thanks Sikky! I just received a phone call from JE Motorsports and my appointment is on 16 August at 0900. I will post the dyno results and video after the install. Cheers!
Congrats and welcome to the SIKKY club! You car sounds bad @$$!!! Did you dyno the car before and after the install? I totally agree with you about the drop in MPG. I can't keep my foot off the gas now! Good times!!!
No I didn't get a chance to do a before due to work and schedule stuff since the dyno I like to use is on the other side of town. I will be doing an after though but first I'm hitting up the drag strip on Wednesday to see if I do any better than last time. Its hot as heck out but I'm just curious to see how I'll do.
Sweet, keep us posted. I am curious to see how well the F does on the strip with headers. Good luck! :)
1 - 3 of 165 Posts
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