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i dont know if im as curious as others, but to put it bluntly.... where the [email protected]#$ are my headers?

the "they should be ready in 3 weeks" was up almost 3 weeks ago. i'd like to get them on my car before it [email protected]#$ing snows this year.

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IMO for 1400 bux for 2 headers u pay for what u get. I've been through many high end JDM brand headers before modding my s2000. I've been through Mugen, Toda racing, J's racing and the quality for all of them was pretty top notch and they were all priced 1700ish CAD and that's just for 1 header. I'm not trying to bash on Sikky or anything but for the price what do ppl expect? Have u guys seen the pricing on Kleeman Headers for the c63? No joke it's double the price. If u guys want superb quality then u gotta pay the hefty price... I'm just stating my opinion here.

Anyhow sorry to hear about your problem with quality with the sikky headers. Hope all works well with them for u.
hello guy

first sorry for my english again i will try my best:)

my headers are 100 stock and i need to return to the installer...

already 1 major leak on the driver side (we check the bolt all are tight)

and 2 small on passenger side...

367 hp before and 385 hp after on dynojet!!! after resetting the ecu... but i will return after my double check on the leak

ps... i just hope my headers are not already crack...........somewhere

Sorry to hear. I hope Sikky can fix this problem for u.

sorry eWop313 i am not a math guys here, and i am also not here to say bad word about anybody but my result is 18hp with sikky headers!!!! so the only thing i can say is ???

but i am happy with the sound
Don't worry your not the only one making less power then what Sikky claims. Another member here only made 367whp with i/e/h then he had to reset his ecu and he made 392whp. About 25whp gain after ecu reset...It still made good power but it's no where near the power that Sikky claims...
I was thinking of purchasing these Sikky Headers for my F but after hearing all these flaws with them and seeing others are not making nearly the power as Sikky claims I may have second thoughts on them. IMO just because 2 ppl with the prototypes made 40-50whp on their F's on the same dynopack still doesn't show proof on the power gains. How do we know if that particular dyno wasn't altered? I'm not accusing Sikky or anyone on this as they possibly didn't know that the dyno was fixed. Also both of those header prototype tests say they did not reset the ecu and made that power. Kind of hard to believe when others had to reset their ecu to make half the power. Anyhow I will hold off on these Headers til Sikky fixes the flaws and wait for the final perfected production.
Couldn't have been said better. When installed properly, the way they were designed and torqued correctly they will not leak, guaranteed. If for some reason there is a leak then you need to tighten the bolts correctly.

Also, you don't want to reset your ecu. That's what you guys getting the lower #'s are doing wrong. What you want to do is just cycle the key. What we recommend is drive it for a while, shut it off for a while. Then drive it again and repeat a time or two. What this does is allow time for the ecu's long term and short term fuel adjustments to take effect. Basically the ecu needs to learn the new setup and make it's adjustments. Or if it's on the dyno, you can literally run the car 3 or 4 times, shut it off and let it cool down. 10 min. run it again and watch the #'s go up. Eventually it won't go up anymore and at that point the ecu has finished it's long term fuel corrections.
I doubt the leaks came from un tightened bolts. It doesn't take a genius to tighten bolts properly. Especially when the install takes 8 hrs I'm pretty sure the mechanics would double or even triple check everything is right before placing everything back together.

Also u said 10 min cool downs between dyno runs? Where's Joe Z at? He knows all about them cool down runs isn't really consistant power gains:p

Also I don't blame u doublexi for fixing the header. Especially when we live in Canada and shipping the header back n forth for repairs would be costly unless Sikky covers the shipping costs.
Cayman don't take this wrong in anyway. I do believe your car made the power. It just sadly to see others did not make the power. I don't exactly know why but maybe every ISF these headers fit differently on each individual vehicle? Maybe those prototypes were perfected after months of R&D compared to the ones that were made after? Assuming they were molded from the original. Anyhow both u and jslapp got the best results out of them prototypes.
I wish I lived in baltimore or close to there as I would love to get my hands on these headers. Since I don't this is why I rather wait it out on purchasing them cause I don't want any future problems or obstacles with them. Until every flaw is fixed and the power gains are consistant then I'll take the plunge on getting a set.
stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

yah, i went there....

Oh wow stage 1 picture shows the welds isn't even a perfect circle...that would interupt in air flow for sure and won't gain maximum performance...
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