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Enkei 18 X 9.5 PF01 for Time Trial

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Hey guys... well I got the IS-F classification for NASA... ends up being in TTB. So I'm getting the car ready for it's first event next weekend over at California Motor Speedway in Fontana next week.

I'll be running 285/30/18's on All 4 corners!

Fit on these ultra lightweight (18lbs) 18 X 9.5" Enkei PF01 Wheels!

I don't have pics of em yet on the car... but will get some, although I bought them for 'function' more than 'appearance' as the OEM 19's look great!

Offsett is 45mm... To tuck in as much as possible. 38mm fit too... but I didn't like how far out they stuck.

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Good luck. I wish I could be there. What is the best spot (web, tv, etc.) to follow this event?

that is a great looking wheel! Are you sure 7mm of extra offset was too much? I am from the school of thought that "PHAT" is good as long as it doesn't rub a dub. I have a feeling you have plenty of experience with this but make sure that 285 tire doesn't interfere with the strut housing or spring perch in the front! Please keep us updated with pictures from your event. Here is a link to an old thread on Forgeline wheels and race tires I helped out with. Enjoy the story!

Hi Doug, I'm a big fan of Forgeline, had them on my '08 M3. (Pic below).

On a 9.5" wide wheel, I did test fit both the 38mm and the 45mm... I would recommend a 'minimum' of 45mm to tuck the Outer Rim inside the fender for Rear, probably more like 50mm would be best, but then it wouldn't work on the front. The front should probably only be 40MM and a 9" wheel, as the 45mm w/ 9.5" wheel is within 1/4" of the Upper Arm/Perch. The Rear had plenty of room to go to a 10" wheel, but Enkei's offsets then don't work, and I wanted to have the ability to rotate wheels front and rear.

For the ultimate setup... for the track... probably an 18 X 9" front with a 265... and 18 X 10" with 295 Rear would be perfect if I were spending the money to have a custom set of wheels built.

This setup cost barely $1,400 for the set of 4 wheels, weighing barely 18lbs. :)

And I had these 285/30/18's Race tires, sitting around from when we did some test fitting on my Dad's Z-06 that I auto-x. Once I burn through them... I'll do a nice 265 / 295... and she'll look mean. The 285's are honestly a bit too 'low profile' with the 30 series... but their definitely going to stick! :) And with that 285 up front... I'm hoping she won't push!

Thanks guys!

I'll let you know how she fares next weekend.



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Hi Dave,

I am looking for a set of wheels and tires for SCCA AutoX use for my 2010 ISF. You seem to have a lot of knowledge there, but since your picture is a 3-Series Bimmer...
I'm a little confused. Have you actually fitted the 285/30/18 to all four corners of an ISF or to the 3-Series Bimmer? This is an ISF forum... right?

What tires and compounds have you tried?

Thanks in advance...

Pete in Santa Cruz, CA
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